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Our Experience

A brief description of the sorts of projects that RC Williams has undertaken in terms of the materials that components have been machined from, and the industries these components have been supplied to.


We are able to machine components from

  • steel (all grades)

  • stainless steel

  • non-ferrous materials

  • castings


In the past, RC Williams has completed projects in the following domains

  • Transport

    Manufactured precision part replacements

  • Agriculture

    Manufactured specialty parts for agriculture machinery

  • Mining

    Manufactured precision parts for the mining industry

  • Fitness Industry

    Manufactured parts for resistance exercise equipment including valves

  • Defence Industry

    Manufactured precision parts for defence projects

  • Natural Resources

    Manufactured water bore components

  • Research and Development

    Manufactured small runs of parts and enclosures for R&D Projects

  • Education

    Manufactured specialty parts for University Projects

Component Gallery

Some examples of components which we have manufactured

Multi-diameter Sleeves

machined multi diameter sleeves

Some cylindrical sleeves machined with multiple diameters and a flange.

Flanged Sleeves

machined sleeves

Machined sleeves of a single diameter with a flange.

More Complex Components

various components

A selection of some reasonably complex components which we have recently manufactured.