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Our Machines

General capacities of our automated machines are as follows:

  • CNC Lathes

    maximum diameter 700 mm
    maximum length 3000 mm
    maximum spindle bore 95 mm
  • CNC Machine Centre

    maximum markpiece (WxHxD) 1000 x 560 x 460 mm

Machine Gallery

We carefully add new machines to our existing inventory, increasing our capacity and flexibility.

OKUMA Multus B400-W

OKUMA Multus B400-WThe OKUMA Multus B400-W is a general purpose multi-function machine, designed to reduce set up time by virtually eliminating repetitive fixturing, improving accuracy and reducing non-cutting time to a minimum. The Thermal-Friendly Construction assures high accuracy, even in the most complex applications. The W version incorporates a sub-spindle and is designed to hand the part from one spindle to the other to complete milling and turning operations without changing the part.

OKUMA SpaceTurn LB300

OKUMA SpaceTurn LB300The OKUMA LB300 is an advanced 2-axis lathe, incorporating live tooling.

OKUMA SpaceTurn LB300 with Bar Feeder

OKUMA LB300 with Bar FeederOur second OKUMA LB300 incorporates a bar feeder for greater flexibility and reduced setup time.


FANUC ROBOCUT a-1icThe FANUC ROBOCUT a-1ic is a high speed and precise AI Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine.


OKUMA MB56A high-quality, high rigidity vertical machining centre. Our MB56 can handle anything from light aluminium machining to medium/heavy castings. The MB56 has excellent cutting performance and a high level of accuracy and reliability also equiped with capabilities of 3D machining.